Our network of manufacturers across India, especially Gujarat, enables us to source a variety of Industrial and Engineering products, manufactured as per international standards and measures, directly from the factories and ship it anywhere over the globe.

Other Industrial Products

List of directly sourced products:

  1. Valves
    Ball, Globe, Butterfly, Check, Forged Steel, Plug, Lined, Piston, Bellow Seal

  2. Sight Flow Indicators
    Double Window, Full View, Tank Mounted, Separator Glass Assembly

  3. Rotameters
    Glass Tube, Metal Tube, Acrylic Body, Low flow, By-pass, Orifice Plates & Flange Assemblies

  4. Flowmeters
    Electromagnetic: In-Line, Wafer type, Remote type, Battery Operated; Turbine Flow Meter

  5. Level Indicators
    Tubular Level, Side-mounted Magnetic, Top Mounted Magnetic, Magnetic Deep Gauge

  6. Level Gauges
    Reflex/Transparent (IBR gauges), Float & Board type, Hydrostatic level Transmitter

  7. Level Switches
    Side-mounted, Top-mounted, Displacer type, Conductivity Type Level, Cable Float

  8. Manometers
    U-tube, Single limb, Inclined

  9. Chemical Gloves
    White rubber, Orange rubber, Rubber hand with Grip

  10. Electrical Gloves

  11. Cut-proof Gloves
    Nitrile-coated, Latex coated, PU coated

  12. Fall Protection Equipment
    Fall arrester, Full-body harness, Reflective jackets, Safety helmet

  13. Lithium Batteries (Lithium-Ion/ LiFePO4/Li-Po)
    Electric Vehicles, Solar, Drones, Industrial

  14. Heaters
    Tubular, Water & Oil Immersion, Air Heaters, Hot Runner, Micro Tubular, Cartridge, Cast In, Mica Insulated Band, Ceramic Band, Ceramic Bobbin Cartridge, Drum, Infrared, Ceramic Sealed, Heat Tracers

  15. Actuators
    Non-Spring Return, Spring Return, Linear, Full-Rotation, Fast Running

  16. Control Valves
    Characterised, Pressure Independent, Electronic Pressure Independent, Steam Valve,

  17. Cables
    EHV, MV/HV, LV Power, LV Control, Instrumentation/Signal, Thermocouple Extension/Compensating, Rubber (Elastomeric), Fire Survival/LSZH, Aerial Bunched, Submersible/Winding Wires, Welding, Ship wiring, Mining, Railway Signaling, Automobiles

  18. Fire Fighting Equipment
    Mobile Foam Trolley, Hose Reels, Branch Pipe, Hand Controlled Nozzles, Adaptors, Hydrand Landing Valves, Hose Boxes/Extinguisher Boxes, Air Release Valve, 2/4 Way Inlets, Delivery Hose Couplings, Water/Foam Monitors, Breeches, Fire Delivery Hosepipes, Sprinklers, Spray Nozzles, Flexible Drops, Alarm Valves, Deluge Valves, etc.

  19. Belts
    Classical V Belt, Spacesaver Wedge Bel, Raw Edge Cogged, Multi-Pull Poly-V Belt, Timing/HTD/FXT Belt

  20. Fluid Control System
    Solenoid Valve, Pulse Jet Valve, Reset Valve, Angle Seat Valve

  21. Vacuum Pumps
    Basic, Multi-Stage, Combined/Conveying

  22. Switchgear
    MCB, MCCB, ACB, Contactor, Relays, VFD